The complexity of the dynamics of the masticatory system is immense. Anatomotion technology will provide a tremendous advancement in one’s ability to assess patients masticatory function and parafunction. This information will serve a vital role in expanding our understanding of the stomatognathic system.

Henry Gremillion

As a dentist who mostly treats TMD, having the best information to make treatment decisions is critical to being able to help complex patients. I am so excited to see AnatoMotion in action. With Shane’s knowledge, drive, and creativity, I am positive it is going to be a Must Have tool.

Clint Esler

As a neuromuscular dentist and board certified in dental sleep medicine, AnatoMotion will be a highly integral part in precision dentistry. Especially with pitch, roll, yaw with all the dimensions of mandibular movement and bite registration, AnatoMotion will be very necessary.

Jerry Hu, DDSPresident at Dr Hu Center for Cosmetic, Implants and Dental Sleep Medicine

The 3 Dimensional technology will provide invaluable information to Dentists and other Physicians treating patients in a way that has never been seen before. I believe that the technology will benefit patients by assisting in the diagnoses and treatment in a precise, definitive and reproducible manner which currently does not exist in the profession. I look forward to having the micro motion sensors and 3D visualization available!

Courtney Richter, DDSLake District Family Dentistry

AnatoMotion has the potential to transform Sleep and TMD dentistry. The ability to measure with extreme accuracy in real time will lead to better diagnosis and treatment outcomes for patients. I am very excited to see how else this technology can help my practice. I believe that Shane and his team are just scratching the surface with what this technology can do.

Kevin BrilOwner/Dentist at O’Brien Dental Care
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